What to do when AVG AntiTrack fails to detect tracking activity?

AVG AntiTrack is a privacy program developed to keep your identity secure from every online tracking ways. Yet sometimes, AVG AntiTrack fails to perform its job and loses its track to detect and block tracking attempts. If you experience this problem, it is recommended to connect with the experts by calling on the AVG Tech Support Phone number and the executive will guide you with the right solution.

Alternatively, you can perform some steps to troubleshoot the error. However, before you perform any of the troubleshooting steps, make sure you have the latest version of web browser you use. If not, update the browsers, check whether the issue is fixed, and then only proceed any further. In case the problem persists, stop running tasks of AVG AntiTrack and uninstall the software completely.

Please note that you just have an active account on World Wide Web avg.com/retail along with a subscription of AVG AntiTrack application.

Troubleshoot AVG AntiTrack when it fails to detect tracking activity

Go to www.avg.com/retail and from your account download the AVG AntiTrack setup file, and save it in the default location on your computer

  • Open the downloaded setup and choose the option of ‘Run as administrator’
  • When directed to the User Account control dialog requesting permissions, click Yes
  • Click OK and confirm uninstallation
  • Click Yes to confirm the step
  • Press Remove and on the application is uninstalled, close the window
  • Now, press Cancel in order to stop the instant reinstallation of AVG AntiTrack
  • In case of a problem, dial AVG Customer support number to connect with the technician
  • If you see the AVGAntiTrack folder in a new location, remove the file from that location
  • Restart your computer
  • Now, Reinstall AVG AntiTrack manually

After the process is complete, allow permissions and turn on the required functions. Check if the software if working properly or not. If you are still facing an error, call or visit us our website: www.avg.com/retail

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